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I’ve Seen Footage!

Remember Count Dankula, the guy we all defended, for his off colour, but harmless joke with a pug? It appears he’s a just another hard right wing twat.

In the video linked below, Omni Destiny tries to debate Dankula, it goes downhill fast. Destiny should have debated the pug, who is probably more intelligent than Dankula.


Destiny debates Count Dankula.

Count Dankula is your standard shitlord.

I used to be on the left then I became smart, all news I disagree with is fake news, the media is controlled by left, damn feminists! Same old shit, just with a Scottish accent.

He also believes that the left is more violent than the right because “I’ve seen footage”.  This dude is a piece of work, he pals around with “Alt-Right enabler” Sargon of Akkad, “Pill salesman” Paul Joseph Watson and “Former EDL bovver boy and current ambulance chaser” Tommy Robinson.

They were all part of this past weekends #DayForFreedom travesty which saw the return of some of the old “bovva” boys of the 1980s, sporting gray hair, but the same old nasty attitude.

Here is a link to Right Wing Watch collection of right wing lunacy.

Lastly, “gas the Jews” humour has made this Dankula a few bucks. Most of this he’ll pocket and I say more power to him, any sucker that would give him money deserves to be fleeced. As of this post, his Go Fund Me is nearing 190,000 pounds.


It should easily hit 200,000, I’m hoping it hits 300,000.

In the words of Thomas Tusser “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

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